Why Robert Reich sees hope in Trump’s darkness

Some plain facts and hard truths: The top one percent of Americans own 40 percent of the country’s wealth and 90 percent of its income.

Robert Reich: Here’s how Mitch McConnell is killing the Senate

Congress has recessed for two weeks without passing a desperately-needed disaster relief bill. Why not? Because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell didn’t want to anger Donald Trump by adding money for Puerto Rico that Democrats have sought but Trump doesn’t want.

America used to have a Senate. But under McConnell, what was once known as the worlds greatest deliberative body has become a partisan lap dog.

Time to Break the Silence on Palestine

On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before his assassination, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stepped up to the lectern at the Riverside Church in Manhattan. The United States had been in active combat in Vietnam for two years and tens of thousands of people had been killed, including some 10,000 American troops. The political establishment — from left to right — backed the war, and more than 400,000 American service members were in Vietnam, their lives on the line. 

Rabbinic Letter in Support of Professor Michelle Alexander

Over 100 rabbis from across the liberal Jewish movements joined together to applaud Professor Michelle Alexander for writing “Time to Break the Silence on Palestine,” which was published in the New York Times on January 20.

FBI Chief Christopher Wray Warns Of ‘Persistent, Pervasive’ White Supremacy Threat

Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress on Thursday that white supremacy is a “persistent, pervasive threat” to U.S. security — despite President Donald Trump’s indications to the contrary.

Israel seizes solar panels donated to Palestinians by Dutch government

The Netherlands has lodged a complaint with the Israeli government after dozens of Dutch solar panels donated to a West Bank village were confiscated by Israeli authorities. 

The hybrid diesel and solar power electricity system was installed last year in remote Jubbet al-Dhib, a village home to 150 people in an area of the West Bank occupied by Israel. 

GOP tactics have led IRS to audit poor, minority counties more often than multi-millionaires

Just in time for tax season is one of the most infuriating stories I’ve seen this year. A rural county in the Mississippi delta which is primarily black is the most heavily audited county in the country. A third of its residents live below the poverty line. The IRS is focusing its scarce audit resources on them rather than the wealthy. No wonder tax cheats like Donald Trump can get away with scams that bilk Tresury out of hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Trump's policies are destroying the American farm 'and no one knows how to stop it'

During the government shutdown at the beginning of the year, major media outlets produced a bumper crop of examples of the trope that always seems to be in season—stories about how Trump voters still support Trump.

Trump to roll back Obama-era lightbulb standards, will pollute more and cost consumers $12 billion

When President Barack Obama took office, he announced that, instead of re-inventing the wheel, he would continue to improve upon the national minimum energy efficiency requirements for lightbulbs developed under President George W. Bush. The plan was to move away from the old technology of incandescent lightbulbs that has been dominant for over 100 years into more energy-efficient, safer, and cheaper technologies available to us now.

This law professor’s proposal to stamp out robocalls is brilliant — here’s why

Americans are being bombarded with robocalls. It’s an epidemic, and it’s getting worse. By a recent estimate, 71 million of these scam calls are being placed per hour, often completely illegally. In fact, I was robocalled while writing this article.

Here’s how charter schools are scamming the US government

A new report issued by the Network for Public Education provides a detailed accounting of how charter schools have scammed the U.S. Department of Education’s Charter Schools Program (CSP) for…

Barr Is a Distraction. We Must Insist on the Moral Indictment of Trump.

Trump’s legacy won’t be defined by the technical legal conclusions of the Mueller report, and certainly not by Barr’s scandalously opaque memo to Congress last weekend. Rather, his legacy will be defined by historians for the moral, cultural and physical violence his presidency has inflicted. He will be remembered for images of toddlers in diapers being paraded, unaccompanied by parents, before immigration judges.

Leading Off

• Florida: After Floridians overwhelmingly voted to approve a 2018 constitutional amendment to 

Trump’s Effort to Cut SNAP by Fiat Would Kill 178,000 Jobs Over the Next Decade

President Donald Trump’s latest budget blueprint is out, and it again calls for eviscerating nearly every program that helps families afford the basics, including cutting the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—the United States’ largest food assistance program, which helps nearly 39 million people get enough to eat—by a staggering $220 billion, literally shri

Report: SNAP Work Requirements Cause Job Losses, Not Gain

INDIANAPOLIS - A plan to put work requirements on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - formerly food stamps - would cost the American economy nearly $180,000 jobs, according to a new analysis.

The "Barr Summary" is Meaningless. Release the Entire Report

From the moment the Mueller investigation began to the moment Attorney General William Barr released his “summary” of Mueller’s labors, Donald Trump acted like the guiltiest man on Earth.

Trump’s Budget Would Deny Food to 400,000 Children and Pregnant People

Donald Trump’s budget calls for cutting funding for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program by $3.5 billion over the next decade. WIC is a program that serves over 8 million low–income children and pregnant women; it has been shown to improve health for children, as well as educational outcomes as they grow older.

Trump Threatens to Unleash Paramilitary Violence in the US

This has been one of those whiplash weeks where so many particularly monstrous words have emanated from Donald Trump’s mouth and Twitter-fingers that it becomes almost dizzying.

Ohio is being destroyed under Trump, and it's about to get a lot worse

While a lot of states are turning blue, Ohio is one of the few states getting redder---but that is only because so many people are leaving.

Fox News’ smear campaign against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is working

Over the weekend, Fox News published a story (3/17/19) on a recent Gallup poll that asked the public about their opinions on Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The headline claimed that her unfavorable rating had “skyrocketed”—rising 15 points since last September—and that “most people” now viewed her negatively.

My dad's a Fox News watching Texan. What he said about Pete-Buttigieg stunned me.

It was a "boys afternoon" at home; my wife and daughter were off making the world a better place, leaving my 2- and 5-year old sons and I at home to cause trouble. A whirlwind of wrestling, playing Legos, and making a mess just small enough we could successfully clean it up before anyone noticed.

In 2017, more U. S. children were gunned down than on-duty police and active-duty military combined

This study led by researchers at Florida Atlantic University's Schmidt College of Medicine should be appalling to any American who hasn't been socialized into a state of numbness and apathy by the unrelenting torrent of gun violence in this country,

Stop the Killing; Stop the Starving; Stop the Lying

There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! 

State Dept. rescinds prestigious award after discovering that the recipient is no fan of Trump

Finnish investigative journalist Jessikka Aro has made a very courageous career reporting on Russia’s propaganda apparatus for years, including the online “troll factories” that Americans learned all about at the close of the 2016 election cycle. Aro has been attacked and slandered with great force by the very machine she has exposed. She has received death threats, been slandered as a drug addict, and had her personal records exposed online.

Letter to editor: Time Change

On March 4, the European Union voted to abolish the twice-yearly clock change – i.e. no more daylight saving time. Similar discussions are occurring in Utah, Michigan, Florida, New England, etc. - but not in Indiana where, once again, our leaders have disallowed the discussion of our time zone situation. They simply ignored SB 542 until the time for talk ran out. This means that students will continue to travel at risk in morning darkness.

This Is Very Good News

It’s hard these days not to focus on what’s stupid, corrupt and/or depressing. In fact, I find it hard to avoid news that gives me heartburn.

Nevertheless, there are also nuggets of hopefulness available, as I was reminded when I came across this announcement from the Knight Foundation.

Trumping The Constitution

I’m not one of those old people who is always looking back in time through rose-colored glasses–“remembering” that families were closer, people were friendlier, children were seen and not heard, etc. etc. Those memories are highly suspect, if not deliberately dishonest.

That said, I do miss the Republican Party of my younger days. It’s true that it always had a right-wing fringe, but before that fringe took control and ran reasonable people out, the GOP I worked for was filled with admirable, public-spirited men and women.

Venezuela Coverage Takes Us Back to Golden Age of Lying About Latin America

I was sitting in my apartment in Caracas, Venezuela, reading the online edition of Time magazine (5/19/16), which carried a report that there was not even something as basic as aspirin to be found anywhere in Venezuela: “Basic medicines like aspirin are nowhere to be found.”

US Media Ignore—and Applaud—Economic War on Venezuela

The US media chorus supporting a US overthrow of the Venezuelan government has for years pointed to the country’s economic crisis as a justification for regime change, while whitewashing the ways in which the US has strangled the Venezuelan economy  (FAIR.org3/22/18).

New research suggests a dangerous climate tipping point - and we're nearly there already

America woke up on Monday to new, and dire, climate news: A new scientific study suggests that we have been vastly underestimating the climate feedback loop caused by reduced cloud cover in a warming world. Clouds, being reflective, reflect sunlight that would otherwise warm the planet; as temperatures and carbon dioxide increase, cloud cover decreases.


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