Wise Counsel from Medea Benjamin

On the Bernie issue, I thought Bernie was a absolutely fabulous candidate and the campaign was brilliant. The number of young people involved was so inspiring. Every time I went to a Bernie meeting or a canvassing gathering or a call party, the rooms were PACKED with young people and while they were majority white, there was quite a lot of diversity. Bernie has been paving the way for the future. It is a long road in this hyper capitalist country, but we have moved SO FAR AHEAD thanks to this campaign.

The Democratic Party has moved SIGNIFICANTLY to the left.

His campaign, and now this pandemic, have totally changed the debate on healthcare. The energy for a Green New Deal is electric image001.png The movement to erase student debt has new legs. There is greater support for prison reform, more openings for immigrant justice. Bernie pushed for ending US wars and for a "good neighbor" policy (and let's NEVER forget that he was a Jewish candidate who advocated for Palestinian rights and refused to go to AIPAC gatherings). All of these are areas where movements have been building for decades and will keep building. And all are areas where we have to push the Biden campaign (and elected officials in both parties). We have to elect new champions in congress while recognizing the limits of the electoral arena in a corporate 2-party system.

Now is not to time to give way to despair. Bernie did this heavy lifting for "us", and he always said it was about "us." And it is. Now, more than ever.

Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up. Don't give up the fight.